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    Understanding Climate Change and its Impact

    We provide a model to quantify the effects of climate change. With the model you can:
    • Work with IPCC SRES climate scenarios
    • Import climate and other data
    • Analyse changes to river flow, runoff, soil moisture, groundwater recharge, snow melt, frost days and irrigation demand
    • Simulate the impacts anywhere in the world
    • Output the results in a range of graphic formats or as csv files
    We give a comprehensive overview of the causes, magnitude and impacts of climate change. A lot of the relevant climate data are available on the internet but they are not presented in a way which makes them easy to understand. Where climate data are available in a digestible form they are often presented in a biased way. On this site you will find graphs, explanation and data related to essential aspects of climate change. Everything can be downloaded for free and the data files can be input directly to spreadsheets on Windows, Macintosh and UNIX operating systems. The climate information and data are available in the following subject areas:
    • Temperature - observed and climate model simulations of Global, European and American temperature.
    • Precipitation - observed and climate model simulations of Global, European and American precipitation.
    • Proxy data: (i) Ice Cores - Antarctic, Arctic and glaciers with temperature and other data for 100s of thousands of years. (ii) Tree Rings - data from northern and southern hemisphere countries with temperature estimates for 100s of years.
    • Forcing – Natural: albedo (reflectivity) of earth; orbital variations (Milankovitch cycles) ; sun-spots; El Niňo and other oscillations; radio-sonde temperature profiles. Gases: variation of CO2 and methane over time and a break-down of CO2 by source and geographical origin; the influence of greenhouse gases on climate.
    • Climate Impacts - Global sea level; snow cover, Arctic and Antarctic sea ice; tropical cyclones; polar bears.
    Each graph presented in this website is accompanied by the following, which can be download free of charge:
    • Files used to create graphs (in CSV format)
    • Details of data source(s), and
    • Explanation of the data processing technique used
    We provide a comprehensive search to examine the current and archived information from over 80 climate blogs including the popular blogs wattsupwiththat.com, climateaudit.org and realclimate.org. Furthermore, RSS feeds of the these websites and more are directly viewable from this site. A range of current climate related videos are also provided.
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