Figures 1- 3 show the normalised tree ring growth from 2 countries in the southern hemisphere. The countries and the number of sites examined were:
Country Lead Researcher Site
Argentina Boninsegna Lago Escondido
Argentina Boninsegna Rio Moat : T d Fuego
Argentina Boninsegna Valle de Andorra
New Zealand Xiong Ahaura
New Zealand Xiong Moa Park
New Zealand Xiong Rahu Saddle
New Zealand Xiong Takapari
The correlation coefficient between the two countries averaged data was 0.27.
Figures 2 and 3 show the two countries averaged values. Despite the moderate correlation coefficient, there is general agreement between the data from the two countries. As with the Northern hemisphere the increase in temperature in the early years of the 20th century and the decline in mid-century is clear. It also, unlike the Northern hemisphere data, clearly shows the late 20th century warming.

Figure 1: Southern Hemisphere Tree Ring Widths
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Figure 2: Tree Ring Widths - Argentina
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Figure 3: Tree Ring Widths - New Zealand
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